The farmstead Villa Lanata owns 53 hectares of vineyards in the communes of Cossano Belbo and Castino. The better vineyards of Muscatel wine are on the steep hill around the Villa, grown with utmost care as it becomes an Italian garden. The vineyards placed higher up, towards the Sanctuary of the “Madonna della Rovere” produce the “Moscato d’Asti Cardinale Lanata” The Chardonnay vineyards have a very good exposure, high up on the opposite side of the valley, in the territory of Castino.


Gallery Vineyards:

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The Vines


The Moscato vine

Moscato is the most widespread Piedmontese white berry vine, and absolutely the most cultivated one in the Belbo Valley. It matures early and among the native vines is the first to be harvested, in September. Vinified pure as Asti or Moscato d’Asti, it produces aromatic sweet white wines of great elegance and with unmistakable characteristics.

The Chardonnay vine

White berry vine of French origin, it has spread all over the world thanks to its productivity and adaptability. It is harvested early, normally the first one in Piedmont, at the beginning of September. It produces intense and fruity wines, with scents of vanilla and exotic fruits.


The harvest:

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